Rat-run hot spot tackled

Photo Neil Cross'Bollards installed in Marina Grove, Lostock Hall, to end a rat run
Photo Neil Cross'Bollards installed in Marina Grove, Lostock Hall, to end a rat run
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Bollards have been installed in a residential street in a bid to stop a ‘nightmare’ rat-run.

For decades, impatient drivers have been accused of shattering suburban peace in Marina Grove, Lostock Hall, as they use the road to jump traffic.

Marina Grove runs parallel to Leyland Road, the busy main thoroughfare between Preston and Lostock Hall. When traffic backs up in late afternoon some drivers cut through the residential street to gain an extra 300 yards.

Residents have raised fears about children being knocked down, and have grown frustrated as they struggle to get in and out of their drives.

Now Lancashire County Council has decided to run an 18 month bollard trial, after previous consultations proved inconclusive. All residents have been asked for comments.

Paul Dunne, highways manager for South Ribble, said: “We used an experimental order which means we can monitor the impact of the scheme before deciding whether to modify it, remove it or make it permanent.”

County Councillor Sue Prynn said the trial was “a very sensible and logical step to take.”

She said: “It allows local people and ourselves to assess the full impact of blocking a specific area of Marina Grove prior to deciding on any permanent solution. A further consultation will be arranged which will give local people a chance to put forward their views on how the changes have affected them.”

Charnock ward Councillor Melvyn Gardner spoke of “mixed feelings”.

He said: “Some people who live near the bollards don’t like them because they have to go all the way around to get out.

“There has never been any agreement over this, and other options like a one-way system or yellow box junction have also been put forward.

“It’s a nightmare rat-run and something needs to be done, but how do you satisfy the majority?”