Pupils get lessons in fighting crime

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Lancaster-based University of Cumbria has been giving would-be students from across the region a taste of crime.

The institution hosted a taster-day with a difference.

The ‘Crime Scene to Court’ programme was specially designed to immerse the visitors in a crime investigation from start to finish.

University lecturers and students from forensic science, policing, psychology and law subject areas were involved in the day-long scenario.

It involved leading the visiting students from crime scene to justice in just one day.

Undergraduates were involved as actors in the making of a video which set the scene – a violent murder had taken place, a suspect was in custody and crucial evidence had been identified at a number of crime scenes.

In the first of four workshops, current university students demonstrated forensic examination of the evidence .

Lecturers from the university’s policing courses then led a workshop.

The day was wrapped up with a realistic court re-enactment from the law team, demonstrating how criminals would be dealt with in a court of law.

The aim of the day was to give the 17-year olds a taste of a real course.