PROJECT UPDATE: Craft beer boom continues with former salon set for pub transformation

Soon-to-be-opened pub Plug & Taps has got its name from the Plug Plot Riots memorial in Lune Street (pictured).
Soon-to-be-opened pub Plug & Taps has got its name from the Plug Plot Riots memorial in Lune Street (pictured).

Preston City Centre embraces the craft ale boom...

What is happening?

The Market Ale House in Leyland.

The Market Ale House in Leyland.

A beauty and hair salon in Preston city centre is being transformed into a craft ale bar after pint-pullers were given permission to bring about the change this week.

Who is behind the business?

The bar in Lune Street is the brainchild of Adam Godwin, part of the team behind The Market Ale House in Leyland, who submitted the plans to Preston Council last month.

Adam said: “It’s going really well in Leyland which is partly why we decided to do this. Hopefully we can now get cracking in the next couple of weeks and open in the next month and a half to two months.

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Adam is hoping the bar will add to Preston’s craft beer market – with The Orchard recently opening in the new Market Hall – to bring about an ale crawl that will drive up friendly competition.

What will it be called?

The watering hole is called Plug & Taps, which should come as no surprise to those who know their nearby history, where adjacent to Lune Street is a memorial in memory of striking cotton workers who were killed or injured during the 1842 General Strike – also known as the Plug Plot Riots.

What’s to drink?

According to Adam, Plug & Taps will have four to five cask beer lines, 10 to 12 keg lines and a permanent lager from Rivington Brewing Co. There will also be a range of takeaway beers.

When will it be open?

The bar can open everyday from 11am to 2:30am, including Bank Holidays.

What needs to be done?

“There’s been a few things left behind like built-in sinks and mirrors so we have a bit of work to do,” Adam said.

As well as the downstairs bar the upstairs will be converted into seating. A new disabled toilet is also being built on the ground floor.