Princess Anne supports Rainbow House

Carole Cochrane with Princess AnneCarole Cochrane with Princess Anne
Carole Cochrane with Princess Anne
The chief executive of Rainbow House gave her personal thanks to The Princess Royal after she received a large donation on behalf of the charity during a fund-raiser dinner.

Carole Cochrane was delighted when £25,000 was donated to the conductive education centre during a joint event with Carers Trust at Park Lane Club, Mayfair, London.Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, president of Carers Trust, was guest of honour and spurred on the fund-raising. The Mawdesley-based charity and Carers Trust entered into a partnership last year to support each other through the sharing of information, experience, joint funding opportunities and the ability to broaden and strengthen their reach. Rainbow House provides conductive education to those with neurological conditions and, working in a family centred way, supports unpaid family carers whilst Carers Trust is the largest provider of comprehensive unpaid carer support services in the UK.Carole Cochrane, chief executive of Rainbow House, said: “We were delighted to receive such a generous donation and we are extremely grateful to Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal for her support for both of our organisations and for unpaid carers throughout the country. “We would also like to thank Silverbond Enterprises who hosted the dinner and everyone who supported the event.”

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