Preston's Old Tram Bridge: "If its not viable to repair it, build a new one" - your reaction

Repairing the Old Tram Bridge in Preston’s Avenham Park is not a viable option, according to bosses at Lancashire County Council.

Friday, 16th August 2019, 4:26 pm
Updated Friday, 16th August 2019, 5:26 pm
Preston Old Tram Bridge
Preston Old Tram Bridge

After authorities said the bridge was 'beyond repair', you were quick to have your say on the matter:

Why ? the council wastes money on other nonsense....this is our heritage!

Doreen Middleton

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If its not viable to repair it, build a new one

Jason Davis

This is part of the history of the area. Of course the council don't want to spend money repairing it, they would rather waste it on other things

Sharon Reeves

The council have always been happy ripping down our heritage. The pub in Broughton has been ripped down. Over the last 60 years so much has been torn down for the bus station, ring road, Crystal house and so much more. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Steph Wood

Better to repair than spend all that money on another cinema that we don’t really need

Andy Whiteside

History and heritage its an ugly bridge that should never be in a beautiful park ...any replacement would be an improvement

Angela Fearns

I would have thought, that they would have to replace the bridge, being as it’s been a right of way since 1st June 1803.

Geoff Pearson

It is very interesting that it is his opinion, not FACT, basically they are not stepping up to the problem and solving how to maintain a crossing over the river at this point. We all know it is needed, so the highway Authority need to get on and fix it, if they think spending millions on a new bridge is more cost effective, then that is their opinion, but I would love to know the rational behind this and their justification for it. It now looks like the European money tree will not be paying for it and we are the poor relations in the North so there will be no garden bridge. Interestingly the money spent on the feasibility study for the garden bridge would pay for our new bridge.

Ian McCarthy

Grab some of that Heratage lottery money instead of London getting it for a change ,,,,,,ie:- new bridge with beautiful well lit cycleways linking the city to south Ribble

Adie Slater

Probably be cheaper to build a new bridge, than renovate the one that's there. I'd be happy enough if they built a new one.

Haydn J Williams

I've got a plan maybe all the thousands in fines that have been raked In for driving through that bus lane could be used to repair it

Rob Moss

Nah rather waste the money a stupid Ballard or crappy pavements in town.

Joe Schofield

Why did they let it get in such a state of disrepair in the first place? Useless bunch of leaches

Bern Sed

Heritage? it's a badly built and badly designed bridge that is less than 60 years old. Tear it down and build something better.

Neil Grundy