Prestonians have their say on city’s ‘unhealthy’ label

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Prestonians have spoken out after the city was shamed nationally as having the unhealthiest city centre in the UK.

Preston was placed ahead of areas including Blackpool, Wolverhampton and Stoke by the Royal Society for Public Health, which analysed the number of bookmakers, payday loan shops, fast food outlets and tanning salons in an area.

Within hours of the story breaking, scores of people took to the Evening Post website to criticise - and back up - what the study showed.

Yesterday Preston Market stallholder Vinnie Brockbank said: “I’m surprised. I don’t think Preston’s the best, but I definitely don’t think it’s the worst. I’m pretty sure it’s about average for the North West and nowhere near as bad as places like Rochdale.”

Angela Jones, 46, said: “It’s not nice for the people of Preston to have that label. I’ve come from Southport to do some shopping and it’s no worse than where we live.”

But Kyle Murphy, 23, from Preston agreed with the survey. He said: “It’s definitely true. If you go to Manchester or Liverpool there’s much more choice on food outlets.”



Michelle Smith from Preston, agreed. She said: “If I’m in town and I’m peckish, all there is are thing like Greggs and McDonalds. And when you look, it’s surprising how many betting shops have sprung up.”

Student Vincent Nixon, 18, from Preston, said: “You can get good food in Preston, but there is a massive build up of takeaways, especially in the Guild Hall area. But it’s what people want after a night out.”

Preston Business Improvement District (BID) are set to reveal their own survey which says that 78 per cent of people were impressed with the city’s retail offer.

You can get good food in Preston but there is a massive build-up of takeaways, especially in the Guild Hall area

Vincent Nixon
Vincent Nixon, 18

Vincent Nixon, 18

Walweed Al-Qudah

Walweed Al-Qudah