Preston’s named wettest place in England

Preston Guild 1992''A rain soaked Ecumemical Service at Avenham Park
Preston Guild 1992''A rain soaked Ecumemical Service at Avenham Park
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Soggy Preston has earned the dubious honour as England’s wettest city.

Since 1981, according to analysis of climate records from the Met Office, the city has endured an average of 153.2 days a year of dreary weather and accumulates a whopping 103.36cm of rainfall annually.

But our gloomy weather pales in comparison to the 115cms of rain racked up by Cardiff - the wettest city in Britain - or the 112cm Glaswegians have to endure.

Neighbouring Blackpool, however, while suffering 145.5 days of precipitation, only sees 88.27cm of rain each year - more than 20cm less than in Preston.

And to make matters worse Met Office officials claimed most of the rain that falls on Preston isn’t even generated here.

A spokesman said the gloomy weather is down to Preston’s geographical location and things won’t be improving soon.

He said: “Preston is bound to be generally wetter than most places in the country due to being on the west side of the Pennines.

“Most of the UK’s weather comes from a westerly direction and tracks from north to south - the reason more northern cities appear higher up the chart.

“The first place a weather front will hit is the west coast and as the air and rain moves across the country and over the Pennines, rain will be deposited as the front is forced to rise across the hills.

“Sometimes cities from further west in the country than Preston will generate their own rain that will then fall on your city.

“It would certainly take a pretty colossal change of the Earth’s atmosphere for the state of play to change for our weather systems so it looks like Preston is set for damp weather for the foreseeable future.”

But things could be worse. Spare a thought for Cherrapunji in India, the rain capital of the world, which sees a total of 1,264.92cm of annual average rainfall every year - 12 times that of Preston.