Preston's i-Smile cafe is a happy place offering a very warm welcome

Chicken salad barmcake
Chicken salad barmcake
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It’s always nice to have an excuse to get out of the office and with a friend and colleague departing this week on maternity leave, it was a perfect opportunity to swap the desk salad for a coffee and a cake.

Our little lunchtime trip took three of us on a short drive to Plungington to the i-Smile cafe – blink and you’ll miss it.

A BLT and a cappucino at the i-Smile cafe in Plungington Road

A BLT and a cappucino at the i-Smile cafe in Plungington Road

But this once residential property at 113 Plungington Road has been transformed into a cute and quirky cafe with it’s own little garden

Perfect to enjoy your cappuccino on those rare sunny days.

Inside is a cosy happy place and space to relax with the morning paper or nip in for a quick bite to eat.

We had planned to ‘take out’ our lunch but instead opted for a sit-in to catch up on non-work related news for a change.

The i-Smile team also welcome pooches in their friendly abode with dog treats available.

Our order of a chicken salad barmcake, a BLT baton, chocolate cake, two cappucinos and a fresh orange juice came to £12 and you really can’t knock that.

The made-to-order sandwiches are offered on either white or brown bread, batons or barmcakes and served with sauces and extra fillings of your choosing.

The sandwiches arrived promptly well-stocked with a good balance of lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

My friend’s chicken was just right tender and not dry and the bacon just perfectly crisp and plenty of it.

Our pregnant friend was suitably pleased with her chocolate fudge cake, the last slice of the day, and a nice treat for her second to last day in work for a time.

The coffee blend is quite rich and if you like it quite strong you’ll enjoy a cup here. A small cup costs £1.90 but is easily comparable to a medium or even a large in some of the more pricier coffee outlets.

Besides the sandwiches there is an extensive menu with a variety of options for a traditional English breakfast, toasties, jacket potatoes, omelettes and even a Chinese selection from Won Ton noodle soup to meat dumpling noodle soup.

And as well as a tempting selection of cakes, i-Smile also serves up Fredericks ice-cream.

Telephone orders are also welcome for take-out and you can also order online at

I-Smile is open daily from 8am to 4pm, seven days a week, and you’re guaranteed a warm welcome.