Preston robber caught when he burgled his mum

Jailed: David Lomax
Jailed: David Lomax
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A street robber who grappled with a woman for her handbag was caught out when he burgled his own mother’s house and stole her car.

David Lomax, 23, has been jailed for four years and banned from contacting his mum and stepdad, for what was described as “a truly dreadful business” by the judge who sentenced him.

He knew it was my pride and joy. It is the first car I bought after passing my test in 2013

Lomax’s crime spree started in March this year when a woman was walking alone in Good Street, Preston, during the day.

In a victim impact statement, the woman - who was visiting Preston for the day - said she felt safe as she was not in a rough area and it was daylight.

When Lomax approached her and told her to hand over her bag, the woman refused and the pair grappled briefly.

The woman was screaming and a man came out of a neighbouring house and chased Lomax to the end of the street, where he was able to recover the woman’s bag.

The woman was shaken and had grazed arms from the struggle.

Lomax was caught almost a week later after crashing his mum’s car - which he had taken without her knowledge - and leaving the scene.

Preston Crown Court heard on March 14 he was driving the Ford Puma without a licence or insurance when he collided with a Ford Fiesta which was parked in Heatley Street.

He drove away from the scene but a man who saw the collision took down the registration number and notified the police.

Officers called at his mother’s house in Fulwood to discover the owners were away, a window was broken and the car was not in the garage.

Lomax, of no fixed address, was stopped the following day on London Road and admitted his mum would not have allowed him to use the car.

She told the police she felt “angry and distressed” that her son had taken the car. She said: “He knew it was my pride and joy. It is the first car I bought after passing my test in 2013.”

Judge Graham Knowles, sentencing, said: “The robbery may have only lasted five minutes but it was prolonged, persistent and took some determination from you. This may have a significant effect on her, not least because rather than being grabbed in a dark alley she was in what she thought was a respectable neighbourhood in broad daylight.

“As for the burglary - your mother had taken you in when you were in serious difficulties. When you found out she was going on holiday you took the opportunity to go to the house and take off in her car.

“She feels totally betrayal, anger and distress that you took the car that you knew she treasured. She feels anxious and sleepless, violated in her own home, violated by her own son. It is a dreadful business.”

Lomax pleaded guilty to robbery, burglary, driving without a licence or insurance and failing to report an accident.

Judge Knowles made a restraining order banning Lomax from contacting his mum or stepfather for five years at their request, and prohibiting him from entering the street in Fulwood where they live.

He said: “It is an unusual and hard thing to make an order banning a man from contacting his mother but you or she has the right to return to court to have that order discharged in the future.”