Preston Pensioner denies sex abuse claims

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Man, 71, ‘abused teenager in 90s’, court told

Alan Armstrong, 71, is accused of abusing the girl, who was aged between eight and 13, when he lived at his mother’s home in Acregate Lane, Ribbleton, Preston.

The alleged victim, now in her 30s, alleges she was abused by a man who used to take her to school, and that he would give her money afterwards.

It is alleged the man then took the girl to Armstrong’s address where he allegedly abused her. The retired Royal Mail worker accepts having sex with the complainant but claims it happened on two occasions when she was 16, and that he gave her money.

The jury at Preston Crown Court heard him describe it as a “commercial arrangement”.

Giving evidence under cross examination, Armstrong said he had initially lied about her in police interviews because he “wanted to protect his wife”.

Prosecuting, Peter Warne asked him why he had been vague in his descriptions of their encounters.

He replied: “I found it impersonal.”

Mr Warne said: “You, at the age of 51, had sex with a 16- year-old girl, but you find my questions impersonal?”

He suggested Armstrong, who now lives in Southport, had concocted his version of events after seeing the woman’s statement, to explain why she was able to describe events in such detail.

The pensioner replied: “Very plausible but untrue. It isn’t how it looks, or how you see it.”

The defence case has concluded and it is expected the jury will go out today to decide upon a verdict.