Preston parents speak out after school run pyjamas row

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Preston parents have spoken out after headlines reported an increasing new trend of parents wearing nightwear at the school gates.

The controversial comments come after a headteacher wrote a letter scolding parents, asking that they dress appropriately for the school run after some were spotted arriving to drop off their children sporting pyjamas.

Don’t wear PJs so other kids have ammunition to pick on kids

James Grilli

The story generated a storm on the Evening Post’s social media sites.

Reader Sandra Stonier said: “Of course you should not take children to school when you are in your PJs. Just sheer laziness on parents part.”

Karen Walton said: “I think it’s chavvy clampits, Jezzer Kyle standards personally. I had to walk a mile to take mine, single parent, no car, always a nourishing breakfast and never late, it’s very old school I know, but I call it having standards.”

James Grilli said: “Don’t wear PJs so other kids have ammunition to pick on kids.”

Kath Sumner said: “It’s definitely not acceptable to drop children off in your PJs, parents should set an example.”

But whilst some parents believe that wearing pyjamas at the school gates sets a bad example, not all agree.

Reece Catterall said: “Why should this be a problem, isn’t it more important that the kids are in school instead of the head teacher moaning about what the parents are wearing?”

Emma Smith said: “I work nights, come home, shower, put my PJs on and then drop my children to school in the car, but I get up and dressed before I pick them up again. I don’t see anything wrong with it, my children are dressed, fed and at school on time.”

Anthony Blake said: “How do they know it’s not a mum who worked until 5am on the night shift as an A&E nurse?”