Preston man makes renewed aid call after second Nepal quake

The scene after another earthquake in Bhaktapur, Nepal
The scene after another earthquake in Bhaktapur, Nepal
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NEPAL aid campaigner Gary Parkinson said it’s now more crucial than ever that help is directed to remote villages after second large earthquake hit the country.

The 48-year-old photographer, who grew up in Ashton, but has lived in the Nepalese city of city of Pokhara for 12 years, said: “Three friends are missing after this latest one, so I’m waiting to hear, but we know that their houses are down. It’s piling up in Nepal and I need to up my efforts. It’s more crucial than ever that we get aid out direct to the people who need it.”

Gary lost five friends and saw his house crumble in the first earthquake which wreaked widescale disaster on April 25. He said he is frustrated after seeing international aid getting tuck in the capital Kathmandu.

He said: “I want to act as the middle man, getting aid out quickly and directly to the people I know on the ground, rather than going through a big organisation doing everything slowly. It needs to disperse outwards to the mountains and villages were people are trapped.”

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