Preston car park polling station proposal

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A temporary polling station is due to be set up on a Preston car park ahead of this year’s elections because no other places are available.

The council is proposing to site a station on a disused parking bay in St Matthew’s, now that a previous station can no longer be used.

Ward councillors said the plan was hoped to be more convenient for voters, who may struggle to travel long distances to other stations.

Coun Javed Iqbal said Andrew Court had previously been used, but was now not available.

He said: “We need to find something because there is a considerable number of voters in that area and a number of them live in sheltered accommodation so we need to provide them with something they can walk to.

“There’s nothing decided formerly but looking at the surrounding area there are no suitable places.”

He added: “This year, under the circumstances, it’s going to have to be that because it’s the most convenient place for people to get to.”

A report to Preston Council is due to be discussed at a meeting on February 6, and councillors are asked to approve changes to polling districts, places and stations.

The proposal for the area in St Matthew’s in Fishwick is for a temporary station on a disused parking bay owned by the council at the end of Curwen Street.

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