Power walk to 5k challenge in Chorley

Power walkers stepped up the pace at a new addition to an autumn exercise regime in Chorley.

Brand new to the ‘couch’ family and following the tried and tested Couch to 5k program, it replaces the jogging and running with power walking.

Photo Neil Cross'The start of the Autumn Couch Power Walk to 5k at Astley Park, Chorley

Photo Neil Cross'The start of the Autumn Couch Power Walk to 5k at Astley Park, Chorley

Councillor Bev Murray who is responsible for health and wellbeing at Chorley Council, said: “Just over 30 people came along to our first power walk couch to 5k event and it’s fantastic to see how much they enjoyed it.

“The programme is a great introduction to exercise for anyone who wants to get active but doesn’t fancy doing something high impact like running.

“Together with the couch to 5k volunteers, we have designed a plan to build up to a level where people feel comfortable in power walking 5k in nine weeks and we have had a very enthusiastic response to the first session.”

Runners were also back on the track on Saturday for this season’s Couch to 5K, starting at Astley Hall.

With runners and power walkers combined about 100 people limbered up for their fitness session in the paths around the country house.

Posting on Facebook participant Lynne Fogg said: “Really enjoyed it.

“Thank you volunteers you did a grand job.”

Nicky Greenwood, who was unable to make the first session, said: “This sounds great. I’d love to do C25k but my knees aren’t up to running butfast walking is ideal.”

Training sessions take place at 6.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays at Hallgate car park behind Astley Hall and at 10am on Saturdays outside Astley Hall.

To follow the group on Facebook search for Chorley C25K and to register for the training go to https://groups.runtogether.co.uk/ChorleyRunners