Power cut generates new life at Lancaster and Morecambe College

The power cuts in December spawned new life at Lancaster & Morecambe College.

The tiny Oriental Fire-Bellied toads were spawned during recent power cuts.
The tiny Oriental Fire-Bellied toads were spawned during recent power cuts.

Back in December 2015, over 200 animals in the Animal Studies department at the college were left without heating or lighting following the flood and power cuts.

Hartley Hire, Lancaster kindly loaned the college a generator, enabling all the animals to stay alive and well.

However, what the college didn’t know was that some of their toads were busy creating early offspring. Fire-Bellied Toads in the Animal Studies department spawned during the power-cuts, with the three tadpoles then hatching at Christmas.

They have now developed into tiny young toads just a few centimetres long.

Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads, sometimes called the Tuti Toad, are native to China, Korea and Siberia.

They average at just 5cm (2 inches) and can live between 10-15 years.

Victoria Bond, Head of Animal Studies & Horticulture said: “This has been such a shock.

“The Fire-Bellied Toads have never bred at college before so we’re delighted.

“Breeding season occurs in spring so we think that the temporary power-cuts may have sent them into survival mode, so much so they went about ensuring the ‘Circle of Life’ continues a few months early!”

From September 2016, Lancaster & Morecambe College will be providing Animal Care Level 2 and Animal Management Level 3 Apprenticeships. Anyone interested in training for a career working with animals should visit: www.lmc.ac.uk or contact Victoria on 01524 521379.