Posties brave elements to prove they’re winners

It’s best foot forward for these two Garstang posties as they battle the elements in a contest to see who can wear short shorts for the longest time.

Thursday, 5th December 2013, 8:26 am
FIRST PAST THE POST: Lee Mattinson and Joanne Stevenson, who are having a competition to see who can dress in shorts the longest on their rounds this winter

The light-hearted competition has even gained the backing of customers on their respective rounds.

Joanne Stevenson delivers mail along Garstang’s high street, Bonds Lane and surrounding roads. Meanwhile Lee Matinson heads for Catterall. But as both stride out, they’re determined that, whatever the weather, they won’t succumb to long trousers.

Joanne said: “We started it last year. It started off as silly banter really.

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“Then it became a bit of man v woman. We probably should have done it for charity!”

Joanne, from Farington Moss, Leyland, and Lee, from Walton Park, Preston, both previously worked delivering mail in Bamber Bridge.

Joanne said: “I’ve been a postie for 10 years and I’ve always worn shorts. It’s movement – there’s no restriction.”

Lee, a postman for the past five and a half years, agreed shorts are a first class choice.

Joanne added: “Customers comment on it. A lot of people come up to you and say how can you still be in shorts? It’s freezing.”

Lee said: “As soon as they ask why we are still in shorts they all get involved.”

The challenge itself has proved contentious at times.

Joanne, whose round covers about six miles, said: “I’ve got a trolley. I’m out in the weather completely. Lee has a van, a van with a heater in it. We never made any rules, just how long we can stay in shorts!”

Lee, who covers 10 to 12 miles each day on his round, replied his van heater is broken.

Joanne conceded that her uniform trousers were worn for one day only in the worst of last winter, when she was ill.

She said: “I caved for one day when I was bad. It was the worst bit of the winter last year when it was windy, rainy and cold and it really got to your bones. He didn’t beat me!”

As for the suggestion they should have been sponsored, they agree it might be a good new year’s opportunity.

Lee has the last word: “Next year Joanne you can lose (the challenge) for charity!”