Porsche owner takes dealership to court

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A businessman is locked in dispute with a prestigious car dealership after he claims he shelled out for unnecessary repairs to his Porsche.

Damian Markland, who runs the Speedy Model Shop in Broughton, claims he spent more than £20,000 on the 
Porsche 911 during 2007 and 2008 – believing he would get it back under warranty.

Mr Markland bought the car when it was seven years old, with just 27,000 miles on the clock.

It had a service history of regular maintenance with both Porsche and specialist 

But shortly after he bought the car, Mr Markland 
noticed the vehicle was cutting out when cold and was losing 
power at low revs.

Between May 2007 and April 2008, Mr Michael Mulholland, speaking on behalf of Mr Markland, said the vehicle went in to the Pendragon 
Porsche dealership in Bolton on numerous occasions.

In November 2007 a failed hydraulic lifter caused a valve head to collapse causing significant engine damage.

The car was once again returned to the dealer where the engine was dismantled and completely rebuilt.

But Mr Mulholland said: “What is clear is that following the rebuild is the car was still not performing properly.

“We know that the car was back with Porsche on a further three occasions but the problem with the lack of power was there following the rebuild and the problem with the engine cutting out was persistent notwithstanding the rebuild.”

Lawyers for Pendragon claim Mr Markland told the company to keep the costs low.

But Mr Markland told the court he had been quoted £28,000 by another Porsche specialist to replace the engine.

He told the court: “I trusted them (Porsche Bolton). I went down with piles of cash. I didn’t even get a receipt. I thought there wasn’t a problem with any of this. This is a Porsche garage – we are not talking about some back street garage here. They told me I had to pay for it up front and I didn’t go into massive depth about what the money was for.

“It got to £20,000 and I started to think ‘hang on a sec...I’ve been without my car for a couple of months and they have charged me near enough what I have been quoted for a new engine. What’s going on here?’”

“However he said he paid the money willingly as he understood he would be able to claim it back under the Porsche warranty scheme once the work was completed.

In July the vehicle was taken to Bob Watson Engineering where it was diagnosed throttle cables which would have been unclipped during the rebuild had not been refitted correctly, which was causing a loss of power to the vehicle.

It was also noted the tyres had been fitted the wrong way round and a connection to the power steering was loose.