You have your say on whether parents should be allowed to choose RE studies for their children, or not

A commission into the future of religious education should have 'shown more teeth' to discourage parents from requesting that their children are not taught the topic, according to the chair of the committee which sets the syllabus for the subject in Lancashire.

Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 3:50 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 4:57 pm
Lancashire parents can currently withdraw their children from RE lessons
Lancashire parents can currently withdraw their children from RE lessons

But despite this strong message, our readers had split opinions about this thorny issue.

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Should parents be able to choose whether their child studies religion and worldv...

Yes. The majority of the country no longer believes in sky fairies. It's no different than believing in Luke Skywalker or the force, and yet the systematic inclusion of religion can be found in our schools and within our local and national government.

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Lee Holding

Star Wars should be on the National Curriculum

Christopher Flux

If you don't want them to study Re that's fine but don't send them to a faith school

Julie Robinson

Sometimes you don't get the choice, don't know if you noticed but it's not like the days where you decide. It's a national lottery where an elusive person decides your child's education. You merely make suggestions.

Andie Pass

Should probably teach them how to vote, how to apply for jobs. How to make and update a CV. Useful things

Carlo Maniscalco

Why should it be part of a curriculum? It isn't educational- it's personal preference. Do as you please within your own home and spare time but don't be forcing it on my child when that valuable time could be focused on something that with benefit his future....

Laura Jayne Ward

As an atheist, yeah they should be taught about all the religions. But teach them in a way so they can make up their own minds. Religion isn't like science more like studying literature. Maybe change the subject to world cultures instead of concentrating on stories written by people of things that happened 100s of years previous with no witnesses

Neil Coggins

No. Re isn’t the teaching of any particular faith or religion. It teaches our children that there are many different views out there and whether we/they believe in them or not they must be respected. If they’re not taught this ignorance will blossom once again and inevitably lead to misunderstandings and probably more racism towards people of different faiths. I have no religious beliefs myself and agree that religion is outdated and no longer required as science has now taught us the real reasons the sun rises, the stars are in the sky etc etc but not to teach RE would lead to a generation of ignorance.

Rob Watson

My children go to a c of e primary school. They are taught RE, however, it isn't just Christianity, they are taught about all faiths, and visited a mosque last year where they were made very welcome and enjoyed dressing up in traditional clothing, eating food from that culture, and shown how they pay etc. The kids enjoyed it. We live in a diverse society and children need to be taught acceptance and understanding...the world has enough bigots without raising more.

Teri Britton

Should change it to a life skills or some class that teaches kids to accept everyone, no matter what religion, race...... i did RE and learned about Cliff Richard. Teacher was obsessed

Lisa Baldwin

RE is about morals, right and wrong and so much more ! Of course we need to teach children about it !!

Yvonne Hardman

Based on this in that case shouldn’t parents have a say on all humanities subjects? Not everyone is going to go to German or France. Geography,Art and History fitting into the same category. Most of my RE lessons were based on ethics in high school .. it’s not all just about the bible

Sarah Manning

Not a necessary subject , teach them music instead , Religion causes so many arguments as long as a person is a nice person does it matter what religion they are and what grade in an exam they got .

Rachel Whittingham

No. Religion should NOT be taught in schools at all that way then no one needs to decide. Root of all that is evil in this world.

Gary M Hough

Definitely not. Children should be educated about what else happens in the world. Not cut off from it.

Catherine Sarah Greenwood

How are the meant to discover or learn to decide for themselves if we don't let them see about things?

My kids went to faith schools ( Catholic and c of e) and came to church ( until they were old enough to stay home if they wanted to). None of them follows a faith now, but at least they know, and could make an informed choice! Same with world affairs and politics...I'm glad to say that none are Tories though.

Emma Louise Hammond