‘We can’t take it any more’ - Cafe owner to leave Preston Market Hall over ‘poor conditions’

A cafe owner fed up with pigeon droppings falling on his customers and into their food has ditched Preston Market Hall branding it a “tenant’s nightmare”.

By Megan Titley
Friday, 2nd August 2019, 7:50 am
Updated Friday, 2nd August 2019, 8:50 am
Dan Kynaston has had enough of problems at the market hall
Dan Kynaston has had enough of problems at the market hall

Just as work by the city council starts on adding a new ceiling and walls to Cherry Pie Coffee and Co to protect customers from the weather owner Dan Kynaston, 41, has decided he has had enough.

He says he is sick of explaining to customers why they are having to wipe rain off their laptops, why snow is coming into his cafe and why dust is falling everywhere.

Dan, who is now planning to take Preston City Council to court for £100,000, said: “I just see the Market Hall as making the council’s dreams come true but it is a tenants’ nightmare.

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Dan Kynaston has had enough of problems at the market hall

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“They asked for a nice, high end cafe shop so I gave them it.

“But I’m not paying for this anymore.

“I’ve got everything in a warehouse and it’s ready to go.

Work goes on at the indoor market

“They are going to answer for what they have done. The lease doesn’t mean anything because they have broken it.

“I want my money back. I want £100,000. I want my rent back. I still have my machines but they are knackered. I didn’t spare any expense.

“They think that tenants are here to provide them with wealth and position but I think their position is here to provide the tenants with a safe and fair environment.”

Dan now wants to relocate Cherry Coffee to a rural location, possibly in Chorley. Speaking to the Post he gave chapter and verse on his complaints with the New Market Hall.

“There’s dust from pigeons - vermin, going on the top of food,” he said.

“The wind blows the pigeon droppings. We have to make excuses when people have got fluff and bird droppings on the top of their heads.

“I emailed the health department at Preston City Council saying I’m serving people with this coming down what are you going to do about it.

“The snow comes into the cafe and people have to wipe the rain off their laptops.

“Preston City Council don’t even have the decency to come and talk to us. We are on our own.

“I’ve lost so many staff. They can’t do it anymore - they are old people and they come back from the doctors saying the cold is getting to their chests.

“Then the drains were built wrong. A sewer smell comes straight back up. I have to put bleach and hot water about nine times a day down the drain. We have to explain to customers why it smells of sewage. My emails were ignored.

“The footfall is lower than it’s ever been in the 15 years that I’ve been kicking around.

“I don’t know where they are getting their rent prices from.

“They only just got a window cleaner two or three months ago.

“It’s five below in here sometimes - it’s colder in than out. They promised us an ambient temperature but now they’ve told us they can’t heat the market.

“So that’s why I can’t have a food shop in here.

“What about this year and a half that I have lost?

“I have got a barrister involved and I am taking them to court.”

Dan has already moved his body piercing and hair extension shop, Capelli Remi, out of the Market Hall into the St John’s Shopping Centre.

He said: “I wanted to keep it here. I love Preston Market. I love Preston. I’m from Yorkshire but if you treat Preston people right then they will take care of you.”

But he says the rent at St John’s is half the cost of the Market Hall, with four and a half times the footfall.

He says the temperature drops and condensation in the Winter while the shop was in the Market Hall were ruining his £500 wigs, making them go frizzy.

“And I’ve got to sell them to the customers like that,” said Dan.

Of St John’s Shopping Centre Dan said: “I believe this is the new market. Most of the traders are moving here.”

Neil Fairhurst deputy chief executive and director of customer services at Preston City Council said: “Preston City Council continues to make substantial investment in the Markets to further enhance the facilities available. We have worked closely with Dan on the refurbishment plans for Cherry Pie and look forward to the re-opening.

“Preston City Council remains completely committed to the success of Preston Markets. Future plans of investment will be announced shortly which will further enhance the Market Hall for current and prospective traders.”