A smiling Nigel Farage or a crying Gary Lineker: What you said you wanted on the Brexit 50p coin

On Monday it was announced that a special 50 pence coin will be issued to commemorate the UK's departure from the European Union next year.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 12:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 1:38 pm
One of many suggestions for the proposed Brexit 50p
One of many suggestions for the proposed Brexit 50p

Astonishment aside, our readers were quick to suggest some artwork to adorn the tails-side of the new coin.

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25 on one side to show how much it's worth!

Ryan Green

Not sure it a Brexit coin will work, to be honest. I can foresee 48% of the British public spending it and then returning to the shop 18 months later to demand they spend it again on something they feel happier with.

Karl Moon

Surely it would have to be Bojo the clown and his sidekick Farage, under a slogan “b****cks to business”

Mark Mason

Churchill giving his V sign

Roy Livingstone

The Chuckle brothers

Colin Reynolds

Stupid idea right now. Should it eventually happen and be proved worthwhile then by all means but to commemorate something that may end up being years away or fudged or derailed. Such coins should be issued to recognise something that has been achieved not something that is planned might happen.

Steve Smith

A removal van pictured outside Number 10.

Peter Ellis

A cake. With nobody eating it

Neil Fraser

Alf Garnett

Jon Murphy

No actual exit date on it though

Mark Evans

Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell in their beloved EU, behind bars awaiting trial in The Hague

David Lawson

Two children holding blue passports fighting over a dead rat for their dinner.

Mark Fairhurst

A stupid idea, just like brexit. The elite know that this will appease the brexshiteers while they transfer their funds abroad.

Lee Holding