Roadmap Step 3: These are the 11 lockdown changes Boris Johnson is set to announce later today

With a week to go until the “green list” of countries where can people can visit on holiday goes live, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also expected to give the go-ahead to further relaxations of the lockdown rules in England.

Monday, 10th May 2021, 1:46 pm
Updated Monday, 10th May 2021, 1:48 pm
These are the 11 lockdown changes Boris Johnson is set to announce later today

This is what people in England be able to do from May 17:

As summer approaches, the Government has pledged to look at easing restrictions on outdoor gatherings up to a legal limit of 30 people. This means Mr Johnson is likely to say people are free to meet friends and family in parks, gardens and other outdoor areas. The Government’s road map advises people to “decide on the appropriate level of risk for their circumstances” when arranging to meet.

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It's likely that Step Three of the government's roadmap will allow people from different bubbles to meet indoors from May 17. This would mean that groups of up to six people or two households, whichever is larger - will be allowed to meet indoors and stay the night.
Mr Johnson is expected to update the advice on social distancing to allow more intimate contact with relatives and friends. In a nod towards hugging being allowed once again, cabinet minister Michael Gove told Sky News on Sunday that “intimate contact between friends and family is something we want to see restored”. The Government will also be reviewing wider social-distancing policies which are in place to reduce coronavirus transmission, including the two-metre rule and mandatory face coverings on transport and in other public places.
As part of Step 2 of the easing of measures only self-contained holiday accommodation was allowed to reopen in England. However, it is expected that as part of today's announcement that the rest of the accommodation sector, including hotels, hostels and B&Bs will be allowed to reopen.
In a huge boom for the hospitality sector, the Prime Minister is expected to say that most businesses in all but the highest risk areas, including pubs, will be able to reopen. Business owners must follow Covid safety guidelines including making sure they do not cater for groups beyond the legal limits.
The Prime Minister has previously announced that Britons will be allowed to travel to green list countries without having to quarantine, providing they take one post-arrival test. However, while the legal ban on taking a holiday outside the UK is set to be lifted, those returning from the vast majority of countries will have to isolate on their return, either at home or in a hotel Portugal, Gibraltar, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Iceland and the Faroe Islands – plus several small remote islands which are British Overseas Territories are currently on this list. However, entry to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei and the Faroe Islands is severely restricted.
Funerals, along with weddings, receptions, and commemorative events, including wakes, can also go ahead from May 17 with up to 30 attendees. Some publishers have reported that the cap could be removed completely from funerals ahead of the June 21 step.
Some larger performances and sporting events in indoor venues with a capacity of 1,000 people or half-full (whichever is a lower number), and in outdoor venues with a capacity of 4,000 people or half-full (whichever is a lower number), are also likely to be given the green light.
Following April 12, gyms were allowed to reopen, and group exercise for children was also allowed to take place indoors, however, saunas and steam rooms remained closed, while adults exercise classes could only take place outdoors. From May 17, gyms will be able to reopen saunas and steam rooms, and adults exercise classes will be able to restart indoors.
All remaining outdoor entertainment, such as outdoor theatres and cinemas will be allowed to reopen.
Along with outdoor entertainment, Step 3 will also see all other indoor entertainment venues reopen their doors, including cinemas, museums and children’s play areas.