Parking chaos continues at Chorley's Hoghton Bottoms

The Lancashire Police monitored the area over the weekend to manage crowds of visitors after reports of irresponsible parking.

Wednesday, 3rd June 2020, 3:45 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd June 2020, 4:00 pm
Visitors were stopped by Community Support Officers who were monitoring the area.

Crowds of visitors to Chorley's Hoghton Bottoms have continued to cause disruption to locals with their poorly parked cars and littering over the weekend.

A spokesperson from the Lancashire Police said: "We had high visability patrols in the area over the weekend, encouraging people to park sensibly. There was an issue with a tractor getting stuck and the temporary barrier was to prevent further vehicles entering the road for a short period of time while this situation was resolved.

"We’ll be putting some messages out on social media asking people to park sensibly and be considerate. Where necessary we’ll take appropriate action."

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Cars lined up Viaduct Road, blocking the view of a dangerous bend.

Steph Readfern, 20, resident of Hoghton Bottoms, said the area has remained overwhelmed by people who fail to respect those who live there.

"If anyone local is visiting, please consider walking from your house or parking near or towards the main road, not coming down and parking on the hill or by the cottages," she said.

"It's been completely overwhelmed by cars, which are then further littering. Tractors have been stuck on the hill three days in a row unable to do their jobs because people are parking inconsiderately. I don't care that people are walking round here, I am really happy they are enjoying it, I just want people to be respectful.

"A PCSO was in attendance yesterday to help clear the crowds because the hill was blocked and they put a barrier up for a short while."

Litter that was left by visitors had been collected by locals.

Residents have begun taking measures into their own hands, with photos of cars covered with bin bags and tape emerging on social media pages.

For weeks, locals have expressed concerns about large numbers of people visiting at a popular spot and blocking the road with poorly parked cars.

The influx in visitors has caused congestion and upset to local residents who have been unable to leave their homes.

Katie Mercer, resident of Bournes Row, said that the parking has continued to cause problems for local farmers and residents throughout lockdown.

Cars blocked the narrow road with their parking.

"I have avoided the area for about two weeks, but my friends husband works on a farm at the very end of the road. He’s said it’s been getting worse as the weather has got nicer and they have had tractors getting stuck cause of people parking irresponsibly," she said.

"I have chosen to walk to other places, but have heard that police have finally intervened and stopped people from parking up there. It’s just a shame that people can’t enjoy the area responsibly, it’s truly beautiful and unspoilt there and the amount of litter that had been left down there is ridiculous."

Resident Jeanette Hindle has filed reports with the Lancashire Police, and said their barriers were only temporary, with crowds still returning to the site as soon as the police had cleared.

Hopeful that the turn in the weather keeps crowds away, she shared images of cars parked along the pavements Viaduct Road and Chapel Lane, forcing families to walk along the middle of the road with their young children.

Lancashire County Council and Chorley Borough Council have been contacted for comment.