Nigel Evans MP: Operation Yellowhammer is 'nothing more than Project Fear on steroids'

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans.
Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans.
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Operation Yellowhammer, the UK government's report into the possible no-deal Brexit fall-out, is 'Project Fear on Steroids', Nigel Evans MP has claimed.

The Conservative MP for the Ribble Valley made the remarks while being interviewed on Nick Ferrari's LBC radio show this afternoon.

Operation Yellowhammer, which the government was forced to publish last night by the House of Commons, warned officials that a no-deal Brexit could cause massive delays at channel ports, and even food, fuel, and medicine shortages.

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Yesterday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the report proved that the Prime Minister "is prepared to punish those who can least afford it".

But speaking on Mr Ferrari's show, Evans, a Conservative, dismissed the documents as a "worst case scenario".

"It's a worst-case scenario on steroids," he said, "it's a worst-case scenario if the government did no mitigation whatsoever.

"The fact is that the government has spent something in the region of £8 billion in mitigation and preparation of what might happen.

"Yellowhammer is nothing more than Project Fear on steroids".

Ferrari then clarified that the report was prepared by the government itself as a measure of the country's no-deal preparedness.

Evans claimed that the Brexit Secretary, Steve Barclay, had told him last week that: "two-thirds of the medicines that Ireland gets come through the United Kingdom, so if there are going to be shortages in the UK, there will be shortages in Ireland".

Ferrari responded by saying: "I don't see how that helps".

The presenter asked Evans how Boris Johnson could have seen the details of these documents and still be pursuing a no-deal Brexit.

Evans said: "If I said to you: 'do the worst-case scenario with no mitigation of the worst things that could happen to you when you get out of bed in the morning'.

"Everybody starts with the prospect of being mowed down by a bus.

"The fact is that with worst-case scenarios literally without any mitigation at all, you'd never get out of bed".