‘More police is what’s needed’ - Are you happy to pay more tax for the police service?

Lancastrians opening their council tax bills will have no doubt noticed that they will be paying more this year.

Are you happy to pay more tax for the police service?
Are you happy to pay more tax for the police service?

In particular, the amount that the taxpayer must pay for policing has risen for the coming year – by more than 10 per cent.

In what is the second highest increase in council tax in 10 years for many households, one figure, known as the ‘police precept’, has been allowed to go up more than ever.

This is the portion of your council tax that goes towards funding your local police force.

Are you happy to pay more tax for the police service?

Almost everybody in a council tax band D household will be required to pay an extra £24 For band A it will be £16 more. Previously, the limit was a maximum of £12.

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If the large corporations didn’t avoid paying tax, there would be enough money to have a police(insert gender) on every corner.

Jason Davis

How about the boys at the top pay more instead of zero tax??

Sim McBride

I’d be happy to pay more if I physically see more police on the streets but I doubt I will.

Stevie Fisher

I would pay more. You are all saying no but there are a lot fewer police thanks to our Prime Minister who are trying to do the job of many. More police is what’s needed. Unfortunately they can’t be everywhere when needed. They work so hard they deserve thanks not belittling.

Jen Davies

No, as we don’t have any police where I live, as they closed the office and left.

Zoe Marchant

The police would could get billions more but I still wouldn’t see them doing patrols. They don’t even bother turning up to most crimes never mind actually doing their job and investigating.

Thomas Wignall

Yes I’d pay more...doing a great job in our community...

Dave Johnston

Stop foreign aid and use the money for the police. Get out of the EU and save billions .

Sandra Ashton

Like every other service, pay more for less,total joke,our government are not fit for purpose. They serve nobody but themselves and fail us no end.

Geoff Brandon

If it means u actually see some on the streets.

Paul Thompson

Yes I’ll pay more. Budget been cut to the bone by this government. Happy to help them, it isn’t us against the police. It’s us and the police against the criminals and delinquents that want to ruin society.

Al Westam

Yeah, the Police are useless because the prisons are full of criminals who voluntarily walk in there and admit to the offences they committed.

Eddie Bianco

I would - on condition that the Police & Crime Commissioner role was stopped. Huge waste of money - the money would pay for more bobbies!!

Theresa Woods