Lindsay Hoyle claimed for a second home

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RecEIpts show that between 2004 and 2008 Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle made claims for £33,259 mortgage payments, £17,848 food bills and utility costs.

Nearly all the pages have some detail blanked out – with some virtually all covered.

In total, Mr Hoyle, whose main residence is in Adlington, claimed more than 81,372 for a second home in Kennington, south London.

He claimed more than 1,892 for home furnishings, including 451.50 for new light fittings, 241 for a dining service and 550 on two coffee tables. Other claims made by Mr Hoyle include a 185 vacuum cleaner in 2006/07.

Picture frames worth 68 were claimed for in 2004, and a folding table from Costco the same year for 29.36.

Lindsay Hoyle, the Chorley MP, who opened up his expenses to the Evening Post when the scandal first erupted last month, said he is happy for people to see his claims.

He said: "People rightly want to know where their money is being spent, which is why I have been as transparent as possible from the beginning. I opened up my expenses to the LEP before they were redacted to show that I have nothing to hide."

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