Lancashire MP takes Post's Rosie Darbyshire campaign to Parliament

A Lancashire MP has taken the Lancashire Post’s campaign to speed up Clare’s Law disclosures to Parliament.

Friday, 6th September 2019, 9:15 am
Updated Friday, 6th September 2019, 10:15 am
Rosie Darbyshire

Graham Jones, MP for Hyndburn, has raised a Parliamentary Question to the Home Secretary Priti Patel, asking her to review the scheme, which allows people to find out from the police if their partner has a history of violence.

Rosie Darbyshire, a 27-year-old mum from Ribbleton, made an application about boyfriend Ben Topping 11 days before he brutally murdered her.

Police have 35 days to respond to an application and Rosie had not heard back from the police by the time she died.

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Graham Jones, Hyndburn MP

Rosie’s family have joined with the Lancashire Post in calling for disclosures to be sped up, launching a petition tot he Home Office.

>>>Sign the petition hereIn an email to a constituent about the petition, which has been signed by more than 10,200 people, Mr Jones said: “What happened to Rosie was horrifying and tragic. It is clear that Clare’s Law needs to work faster as lives depend on it. I have tabled a Parliamentary Question asking the Home Secretary to review how Clare’s Law is implemented. Let’s see how Priti Patel will respond.”

Speaking to the Post Mr Jones added: “I fully support the campaign and each of the changes that the Lancashire Post and Rosie’s family are calling for.

“Whilst Clare’s Law is vital, it needs updating to ensure it protects people at risk. Unfortunately, as Rosie’s case sadly shows, the current time-frame is far too long. That is why I submitted a Parliamentary Question asking the Home Secretary to review how Clare’s Law is implemented.”

Rosie's sister Alice Hodgson and mum, Andrea Darbyshire

Rosie’s sister Alice Hodgson said: "We are amazed at how well this has done, and so happy to see it going in the right direction. We can’t wait to see what more we can do to help us in honouring our sister."

Preston MP Mark Hendrick said: “Anything that reduces the likelihood of somebody being murdered in brutal and horrible circumstances as Rosie was, it definitely needs looking at and requires a debate in order for new legislation to be framed.

“In addition, the pressures being placed on the police in an environment of austerity makes it more and more difficult for police to respond quickly and efficiently to what are extremely serious criminal cases, and the fact that information is sought on an individual and required within 35 days seems to be too long a period for the police to respond.

“However, the fact Rosie was murdered 11 days after she made the application means even if police would have responded in a period shorter than the current 35 days, it wouldn’t have necessarily avoided her murder unless she was informed very, very much earlier.”

Mark Hendrick, MP for Preston