HGV 'rat run' worry for Hoghton villagers

A councillor claims lives are being put at risk by HGV drivers using residential and rural roads as a rat run to Walton Summit industrial estate.

Daub Hall Lane, Hoghton
Daub Hall Lane, Hoghton

Barrie Yates, a borough and County Councillor for South Ribble East, said he has been contacted by numerous residents over lorries using Daub Hall Lane, Bells Lane, Bank Head Lane and Brindle Road in the Hoghton area.

Although Lancashire County Council has erected signs for 7.5 ton weight restrictions, Coun Yates claims they are only a “token gesture” if not enforced by police.

He said Bells Lane is too narrow for cars and HGVs to pass safely and there have been occasions when cars have had to back up, which increases the risk of accidents. Now he is looking for residents to contact the police over the concerns.

Weight restrictions on Daub Hall Lane

He said: “The police always say report it and we will act, but they fail to say when. Lack of action by the police is putting Lancashire residents life’s at risk.”

Lancashire Constabulary said enforcement is not a straightforward issue as HGVs are able to use roads with weight restrictions, providing they stop for a business reason. In order to enforce the restrictions, an office would need to follow a HGV all the way along the road, and if it didn’t stop, then take it elsewhere for weighing.

A Lancashire Police spokesperson said: “Areas where there have been speed related casualties are prioritised for enforcement.

“We are committed to reducing the number of people killed and injured on the county’s roads and we will continue to use enforcement, engagement and education of drivers to help us achieve this.”