General election 2019: The final list of Central Lancashire candidates is confirmed

Nominations have closed for candidates wanting to stand at next month's general election - so we now know exactly who will be contesting Central Lancashire's seats.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, 5:49 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 8:34 am

This is the full rundown, including details of the individual who held each constituency until Parliament was dissolved earlier this month.

Neil Darby - Liberal Democrats

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This is the first December election in almost a century

Sir Mark Hendrick - Labour and Co-Operative Party - held the seat since 2000 and secured 68 percent of the vote, with a majority of almost 16,000 in 2017.

Michele Scott - Conservative Party

Rob Sherratt - Brexit Party

Michael Welton - Green Party

The seat has been in Labour hands since its creation in 1983.


Some residents in the Cadley, Garrison, Greyfriars, Preston Rural East, Preston Rural North, Ribbleton and Sharoe Green city council wards sit within this constituency.

Joanne Ainscough - Labour Party

Ruth Norbury - Green Party

John Potter - Liberal Democrats

David Ragozzino - Independent

Ben Wallace - Conservative Party - held the seat since 2010, increasing his majority to over 12,000 and a 58 percent share of the vote in 2017.

The seat has been Conservative-held since its creation in 2010.


Some residents in the Ingol and Cottam and the Lea and Larches city council wards fall under this constituency.

Gina Dowding - Green Party

Andy Higgins - Independent

Mark Jewell - Liberal Democrats

Mark Menzies - Conservative Party - held the seat since 2010, securing a 58 percent share of the vote and near-12,000 majority in 2017

Martin Mitchell - Labour Party

The seat has been held by the Conservatives since it emerged in its current form in 1983


Jo Barton - Liberal Democrat

Andy Fewings - Green Party

Katherine Fletcher - Conservative Party - contesting the seat after its Tory holder since 2015, Seema Kennedy, stepped down having achieved a 53 percent share of the vote and a 7,000 majority in 2017.

Kim Snape - Labour Party

Labour secured the seat between 1997 and 2010, but it has been Tory-held in every other year since its inception in 1983.


Mark Brexit-Smith - Independent

Sir Lindsay Hoyle - The Speaker seeking re-election - held the seat as a Labour candidate since 1997 until being elected as Speaker of the House of Commons earlier this month, meaning he had to renounce any party allegiance. He had a majority of over 7,000 and a 53 percent vote share in 2017.

James Melling - Green Party

The main parties usually follow a convention not to contest the seat held by the Speaker, hence the limited candidate list.

The seat has usually reflected the party in power after each election - but that record as a bell-weather constituency was broken in 2010.


Residents in parts of the South Ribble council area and Longridge fall under this constituency.

Giles Bridge - Labour Party

Nigel Evans - Conservative Party - held the seat since 1992, securing a majority of over 13,000 and a 58 percent vote share.

Tony Johnson - Independent

Chantelle Seddon - Liberal Democrats

Paul Yates - Green Party

The seat has been Tory-held in every year since 1983 - except for a 12-month period in Liberal Democrat hands after a by-election in 1991.


Anybody wishing to vote in the general election must register by 26th November. Visit for details.

Applications for postal or postal proxy votes must be received by 5pm on 26th November.

Applications for other proxy votes must be received by 5pm on 4th December.

Missing postal votes can be re-applied for from 6th Decmeber.

The polls are open from 7am until 10pm on 12th December.