Fylde coast residents take to social media as tremor felt across the region

Residents across the Fylde coast have reported another tremor in the region this morning.

By Colin Ainscough
Monday, 26th August 2019, 9:34 am
Updated Monday, 26th August 2019, 10:34 am
Preston New Road fracking site
Preston New Road fracking site

The British Geological Survey website has listed a seismic event of 2.9ML just after 8.30am this morning (Monday, August 26, 2019).

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Biggest tremor yet leaves residents across Blackpool and Fylde shocked and angry

Here are just some of your reactions:

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Preston New Road fracking site

"Don't worry though guys, the #earthquake in Blackpool is probably just Cuadrilla dropping another frying pan. God knows what size frying pan but the whole house shook in Stanley Park."Nick Bell @BangorChap - Twitter

"Wow 8.30am my whole house shook. This cannot be ignored now. I live Stanley Park area a good 3-4 miles from Cuadrilla site. No ifs no buts sort this for all our sakes."Geoff Reeves @scubageoff - Twitter

"The earthquake this morning at around 8:30am was felt in Garstang."A Chambers - Email

"I think Cuadrilla said the last quake would have felt like dropping shopping on the floor. This one definitely felt a lot bigger than that, nearly shook my deodorant off the bedside table! It was at least dropping some large furniture this time."Dave Esq. @tigerofsudan - Twitter

"There has been another quake/tremor this morning again at 8:35 ish just now. Our house was shaking again my wife said as I was walking my dog around the block and I even felt the footpath move under my feet."Damian Rowe - Email

"Building shook for at least 5 seconds, enough to wake and scare people. Not sure what Cuadrilla have in their bags of shopping."Martin Jones @MartMUFC - Twitter

"Anyone in lytham at Annes just feel that? Earthquake?"Jeff Ascough @JeffAscough - Twitter

"Another one! Felt miles away in two separate Blackpool areas by family members this morning. Enough is enough, @CuadrillaUK! This practice is banned elsewhere & wasn't wanted by locals."Jaypash @JP_Ashman - Twitter

"The cuadrilla folk said that previous tremors were nothing more than what you would feel if a bag of shopping was dropped on the floor.Well today’s bag of shopping must have been dropped at my door by a crane."Dave Nuttall @SeasideDavenut - Twitter

"#Tremor in #Blackool, I’m around 6-7 miles from the site."James @Elfondo - Twitter