Drivers '˜in dark' on Fishergate bus lane deadline

The saga of the notorious Fishergate bus lane has taken a fresh turn with County Hall being accused of trying to sneak it in under the radar.

Wednesday, 27th June 2018, 10:22 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th June 2018, 11:23 am
Motorists continue to provide a steady income for LCC after almost two years.

A councillor has claimed opponents of the cameras, which have caught out thousands of drivers, still have until July 13 to lodge their objections before the authority votes on making them permanent.

But highways officers say the bus lanes were made permanent last December, prompting Coun Yousuf Motala, who represents Preston City division on the county council, to complain: “Something underhand has gone on here.” Coun Motala (right) stormed: “If these were made permanent six months ago, why wasn’t I told? It’s my area for goodness sake. As far as I’m concerned we have yet to have a consultation period and people still have the right to object. I can’t understand what the council is playing at here.”

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Motorists continue to provide a steady income for LCC after almost two years.

Daniel Herbert, LCC highway group manager, said the July 13 deadline involves a brand new order which does not involve the bus lanes in Fishergate. “The proposed order is to allow cycling on the bus lane between Strand Road and Butler Street and to remove the bus lane on Church Street. This does not affect the bus lanes in the city centre, other than to bring the bus lanes under one order, which makes it easier to administer.”

Coun Motala added: “It’s never been confirmed that the bus lanes are permanent. If it has they’ve sneaked it in.”

On-off saga

The cameras were switched on in November 2016, but turned off after just over two months following a challenge.

LCC was ordered to refund fines to 30,000 drivers in March 2017 after an independent tribunal.

An improved scheme was introduced in a blaze of publicity in November 2017 onmany believing it was on a trial basis for around six months, which is now up.