This is Cuadrilla's full statement following the latest tremor in Lancashire

Shale gas exploration company Cuadrilla has released the following statement today (Monday, August 26, 2019) following the biggest micro seismic event since drilling restarted earlier this month.

By Colin Ainscough
Monday, 26th August 2019, 10:05 am
Updated Monday, 26th August 2019, 11:05 am

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latest tremor here

Here is Cuadrilla's statement in full:

Latest update about today’s seismicity at Preston New Road.

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We can now confirm the event detected at 8.30am in the area of our exploration site in Preston New Road, near Blackpool, was magnitude 2.9 on the Richter scale.

We appreciate this this has caused concern for local people and by way of reassurance it is worth noting that this event lasted for around a second and the average ground motion recorded was 5mm per second. This is about a third of that permitted for construction projects.

As previously stated, we were not operational this morning and no hydraulic fracturing has been carried out this weekend.

We are working with the team of regulators who intensely monitor our activity at Preston New Road to investigate the event and will provide more updates in due course. Hydraulic fracturing operations will remain suspended during this time.

We have verified that the well integrity is unaffected.

Please continue to follow our social media channels for all the latest updates as they become available.