LOCAL ELECTIONS 2019 LIVE: Labour victorious as it remains at the helm of Preston City Council

Labour rollicked home victorious in Preston’s local elections with a clear majority of 12 seats.

Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 11:20 am
Updated Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 12:20 pm
Who will get a seat at Preston City Council?

The result means the party remains well and truly at the helm of the city’s authority, with 30 councillors winning seats.

Leader of the Labour group and councillor for Plungington, Matthew Brown, says the results show that the people of Preston have faith in what the Labour group is doing in the city - especially with the Preston Model.

“We are absolutely delighted,” he said. “I think a lot of the ideas we have are resonating with people. The profile of Preston is that it is now the most improved city.

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Who will get a seat at Preston City Council?

“We have got a fantastic set of councillors who have worked really really hard.

“The most important thing is to transform our city for the better.

“We have a clear majority and we seem to be bucking the trend again.”

What is not clear is which party is Labour’s official opposition. A meeting to decide on the matter is now underway.

Lib Dem councillors increase their seats at Preston City Council from five to nine

Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrat groups tied, claiming nine seats each.

The all-out election has seen the numbers of Conservative councillors representing Preston slashed from 15 with councillors blaming Brexit negotiations for their losses.

Leader of the Conservative group Sue Whittam said: “It’s a really sad day. Constituents have decided to vote in protest over what is going on nationally with Brexit.

“It was a big issue on the doorstep. The MPs have got to get a grip and Theresa May needs to get control and get Brexit done.

The Conservative group had a tough day as they lost seats in Preston's local election

“It’s a protest vote but we will start again and build up again.”

The Conservative Mayor of Preston, Trevor Hart, was one of those who lost his seat. He said: “It’s not a total surprise. We expected that we would follow the national picture.”

Following in the trend nationally, the Lib Dems have made gains in their number, which now sits at nine on the city council, up from five.

There was nail biting over the Ingol and Cottam Ward for the group but they managed to take hold of all three seats for the ward, as well as in Cadley and Greyfriars.

In Greyfriars where Lib Dems pushed out one Conservative and one Independent, Daniel Gregg was elected with 1,151 votes.

He said: “It’s fantastic. Many people on the doors were saying that they voted for us because they have seen us out and about all year.”

Lib Dem coun Tony Raisbeck, who won with 1,221 votes, said: “The situation in Greyfriars is that we put the work in. We showed our commitment to the ward. Nationally it could be a vote against Brexit saying it’s perhaps time to rethink.”

Turnout was low at 30.3 per cent.

Following the review by the Local Government Boundary Commission 48 councillors now serve the city - down from 57 members.

Here is a full list of candidates for each ward. Councillors in bold have been elected onto Preston City Council:

Ashton Ward:

Elizabeth ATKINS (Labour, incumbent) - 932Beth BALSHAW (Independent) - 620Mike BALSHAW (Independent) - 607Robert BOSWELL (Labour, incumbent) - 884Jeremy DABLE (Liberal Democrats) - 222David DWYER (Conservative) - 299Christopher FINCH (Liberal Democrats) - 148Simon PLATT (UKIP) - 282Rebecca POTTER (Liberal Democrats) - 197Mark ROUTLEDGE (Labour, incumbent) - 871Tes SLATER (Conservative) - 275Luke WALMSLEY (Conservative) - 314

Brookfield Ward:

John BROWNE (Labour, incumbent) - 781Philip CORKER (Labour, incumbent) - 730Fiona DUKE (Liberal Democrats) - 155Nerys EAVES (Labour, incumbent) - 685Anthony HELPS (UKIP) - 356Mary KENNEDY (Conservative) - 255 Bowen PERRYMAN (Conservative) - 211Andrew PRATT (Conservative) - 162Jurgen VOGES (Liberal Democrats) - 127

Cadley Ward:Paul BALSHAW (Conservative) - 421Claire CRAVEN (Liberal Democrats, incumbent) - 1125Simon CROWE (Conservative) - 342James HULL (Labour, incumbent) - 480John POTTER (Liberal Democrats, incumbent) - 1173Debbie SHANNON (Liberal Democrats) - 1077Harry SPILLMAN (Labour) - 483Jim WITHERINGTON (Conservative) - 365 Robert WOOD (Labour) - 462

City Centre Ward:Harshad CHAUHAN (Liberal Democrats) - 229Munirah DASU PATEL (Conservative) - 199Salim DESAI (Labour, incumbent) - 1162Carol HENSHAW (Labour, incumbent) - 1201Pamela HOMER (Conservative) - 237Peter MOSS (Labour, incumbent) - 1167Ennis O`DONNELL (Liberal Democrats) - 221Connor RUMBLE (Conservative) - 212

Deepdale WardIssi BAX (Labour, incumbent) - 1775Deborah BELLEVUE DE SYLVA (Conservative) - 134Zafar COUPLAND (Labour) - 1699William KING (Conservative) - 135Stephen MULLEN (Liberal Democrats) - 140Siraz Ali NATHA (Labour) - 1677Keith SEDGEWICK (Conservative, incumbent) - 144Benjamin WARD (Liberal Democrats) - 100

Fishwick and Frenchwood WardDanielle BUTLER (Conservative) - 208Whitney HAWKINS (Labour, incumbent) - 1233Colin HOMER (Conservative) - 162Peter NEWSHAM (Liberal Democrats) - 152Yakub PATEL (Labour, incumbent) - 1382Martyn RAWLINSON (Labour, incumbent) - 1193Fay WHITTAM (Conservative) - 162Michael YATES (Liberal Democrats) - 121

Garrison WardFreddie BAILEY (Labour, incumbent) - 1294Lynne BROOKS (Labour) - 1073Mehfuz DASU PATEL (Conservative) - 676Stuart GREENHALGH (Conservative, incumbent) - 819Peter KELLY (Labour, incumbent) - 1013Pamela POTTER (Liberal Democrats) - 290Michael TURNER (Liberal Democrats) - 293Hans VOGES (Liberal Democrats) - 237Paul WHALLEY (Conservative) - 748

Greyfriars WardTim COX (Conservative) - 754Rowena EDMONDSON (Independent, incumbent) - 324Daniel GREGG (Liberal Democrats) - 1151Graham JOLLIFFE (Conservative, incumbent) - 684Tony RAISBECK (Liberal Democrats) - 1221Lakwinder SINGH (Conservative) - 684Ted SMITH (Labour) - 487Stacey THOBURN (Labour) - 441Alexander WARREN (Liberal Democrats) - 1069Alan Winston WOODS (Labour) - 561

Ingol and Cottam WardPauline BROWN (Liberal Democrats, incumbent) - 871Neil DARBY (Liberal Democrats, incumbent) - 816Trevor HART (Conservative, incumbent) - 625Julie HUMPHREY (Labour) - 331Mark JEWELL (Liberal Democrats) - 758Joseph MACLAREN (Labour) - 287Martin MCKEEVER (Conservative, incumbent) - 513Barry MCLOUGHLIN (Labour) - 295Judith PARKER (Conservative) - 577Nicola SUGGATE (UKIP) - 275

Lea and Larches WardMonwara AMIN (Conservative) - 326David BORROW (Labour, incumbent) - 731David CALLAGHAN (Conservative) - 403Edward CRAVEN (Liberal Democrats) - 282Phil CROWE (Labour, incumbent) - 735James DOYLE (Conservative) - 359Jason HIGHAM (Liberal Democrats) - 258Jason JEFFREY (Liberal Democrats, incumbent) - 179Mark KINGSLEY (UKIP) - 352Jennifer MEIN (Labour) - 684

Plungington WardPav AKHTAR (Labour) - 868Graham BRIGGS (Liberal Democrats) - 176Matthew BROWN (Labour, incumbent) - 941Jonty CAMPBELL (Conservative) - 191Peter HOLT-MYLROIE (Liberal Democrats) - 139Nweeda KHAN (Labour, incumbent) - 822Pauline LITTLEFAIR (Conservative) - 201Ian MCDOUGALL (Liberal Democrats) - 140Jayne TULLY (Conservative) - 171

Preston Rural East WardEdgar ARBIDANS (Liberal Democrats) - 270Susan CRAWSHAW (Labour) - 335Ian DONNELL (Conservative, incumbent) - 999 Joanne JOYNER (Liberal Democrats) - 303Harry LANDLESS (Conservative) - 1245Peter LAWRENCE (Liberal Democrats) - 239Andrew MACLAREN (Labour) - 299George TAIT (Labour) - 322Ron WOOLLAM (Conservative, incumbent) - 1188

Preston Rural North WardRebecca BOSWELL (Labour) - 221Alan DENT (Labour) - 209Craig EASTON (UKIP) - 224Michael FARRINGTON (Labour) - 204Sandra FINCH (Liberal Democrats) - 230Peter JOHNSTONE (Liberal Democrats) - 216Charles LATCHFORD (Conservative) - 846Keith MIDDLEBROUGH (Conservative) - 842Matthew RAISBECK (Liberal Democrats) - 198Sue WHITTAM (Conservative, incumbent) - 885

Ribbleton WardRobert ASH (Liberal Democrats) - 136Luke BOSMAN (Liberal Democrats) - 146Issa DASU PATEL (Conservative) - 115Robert JONES (Conservative) - 188Mary KUDI (Conservative) - 133Nick POMFRET (Labour, incumbent) - 655Brian ROLLO (Labour, incumbent) - 547Jonathan SAKSENA (Labour, incumbent) - 551Andrew WATT (UKIP) - 300

Sharoe Green WardKathleen ATKINS (Labour) - 839Helen DISLEY (Green) - 413Daniel DUCKWORTH (Conservative) - 1036Craig FORREST (Labour) - 764Maxwell GREEN (Conservative) - 1003Thomas HACKETT (Liberal Democrats) - 268George KULBACKI (Liberal Democrats) - 287Gregory VICKERS (Liberal Democrats) - 215Samir VOHRA (Labour) - 698David WALKER (Conservative, incumbent) - 960

St Matthews WardJeffrey ABRAM (Liberal Democrats) - 99Michael BASFORD (Liberal Democrats) - 102Jono GRISDALE (Labour, incumbent) - 822Javed IQBAL (Labour, incumbent) - 903Jade MORGAN (Labour, incumbent) - 836Frank PARKER (Conservative) - 162Parviz SHAHSVAR (Conservative) - 111Sharon SHAHSVAR (Conservative) - 109