Cost of living: Lancashire MP warns cost of fuel could drive nurses away from community roles if Government doesn't take urgent action

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has pressed the Government to bring NHS mileage reimbursement in line with rising pump prices.

By Catherine Musgrove
Thursday, 4th August 2022, 12:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th August 2022, 12:33 pm

This call comes after fears that community nurses, who are required to use their cars to get to see patients in their homes, could be looking for hospital-based jobs because it is costing them a lot of money as the increasing cost of petrol means the NHS mileage reimbursement rate is inadequate.

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The current reimbursement rate of 56p per mile drops to 20p after staff have travelled 3,500 miles. This rate has not been adjusted since 2014, despite significant increases to the cost of fuel.

Petrol price criticism.

What has Rosie Cooper been doing?

Mrs Cooper has raised the matter with the new Health Secretary, Steve Barclay MP.

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Mrs Cooper said: “If this issue isn’t addressed soon, I am really worried there will be a deepening UK wide community care crisis.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper Photo: PA Wire

“In the past year we have seen the cost of fuel increase by as much as 60p per litre. District Nurses and other community-based NHS staff already have among the most demanding roles. We need to reimburse them fairly, not penalising them for simply doing their job.

“The current rate is absolutely not enough, and it’s unbelievable that it hasn’t been adjusted for eight years!

“It shouldn’t cost staff money to do work in the community. The Government must show that they value their essential NHS workforce by agreeing to a fair adjustment that doesn’t punish people for working hard and reflects the cost of fuel.”