Confusion over roadworks notice in Farington

A roadworks sign has been confusing residents....after no workmen appeared six months after it went up.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 1:12 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th March 2018, 2:15 pm
Resident Barbara Whitlock and parish councillor Roy Clarke, at School Lane, Farington, which has had a sign saying the road will be closed due to roadworks since September

The sign was placed by Lancashire County Council workmen at the bridge on School Lane in Farington in September.

But now it has been confirmed it should have gone to a School Lane in Preston.

Despite the mistake, it has still not been removed, even though no work has been - or is scheduled to be - carried out.

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Bemused councillor Roy Clarke, chairman of Farington Parish Council, said: “Signs were put up at least a month before they were going to do work and they were going to close the road for a day to do the potholes.”

At the next meeting of the parish council, Coun Clarke said he was talking to County Councillor Michael Green who revealed some interesting information.

“I said the signs need taking down because they could be used somewhere else,” said Coun Clarke.

“He said they put them in the wrong place. They should be for a School Lane somewhere in Preston.

“Somebody somewhere has signed for these signs to come out. One would think someone must be needing them somewhere else. At the end of the day these signs have cost money, which has come out of your pockets and mine. Why should they be sitting there when they could be used somewhere else?

“Who knows, the storekeeper could have ordered some more signs. It seems feasible if they’ve not got other signs.

“Maybe they went along to the other place and did the work without putting any signs up - we are talking about local government here.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “It would appear this sign had been delivered to the wrong School Lane. We will come and pick it up so that it can be reused.”