Calls to halt '˜misguided' proposals to close Fulwood Barracks

City leaders are being urged to ask the government to reconsider 'ill-conceived' proposals to close Fulwood Barracks.

Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 11:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 12:21 pm
Fulwood Barracks

Conservative councillor Charlotte Leach is calling on representatives from all parties to ask the Secretary of State for Defence not to go ahead without full consultation from the council and the community.

A notice of motion to be considered on Thursday slams the proposed closure as “misguided” and not in the “military, local or national interest”.

Coun Leach, who represents Garrison ward, said: “I think many people across Preston identify the barracks as a good source of community action and also important to the heritage of Preston and something they feel passionately about keeping.

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“We’ve seen, especially across a lot of Fulwood, lots of new houses and I think people feel incredibly strongly that they don’t want to see it turned into houses.”

The notice to Preston Council calls on members to urge Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon to reconsider the proposals, and seeks “formal reassurance” that he will not proceed without proper consultation.

Coun Leach said: “Just because I’m a Conservative councillor doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything the Conservative government does.
“We are still at the consultation stage and we are hoping the notice of motion means it will be reconsidered.

“I’m hoping everyone will approve it and we’ll write formally, and I’m hoping we’ll get a response to that.

“It will give a very clear signal that everyone in Preston disagrees with it. I feel it’s one of those issues that I’m hoping is completely cross-party.”

MPs and councillors from different parties have already spoken out against the proposed closure and Coun Leach said she though local representatives were “united” against it.