‘The BBC gives excellent value’ - Your reaction as Government launches public consultation over TV licence fees

People who refuse to pay the BBC TV licence fee could no longer face the threat of prison.

Friday, 7th February 2020, 2:50 pm
Updated Friday, 7th February 2020, 2:52 pm

Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan launched a public consultation into Government plans - which could cost the BBC £200m a year and lead to channel closures - over the sanctions for evading the licence fee on 5 February.

It comes as the licence fee is to increase £3 a year from April.

The BBC believes the review is certain to recommend decriminalisation of non-payment of the licence fee, a move backed by Boris Johnson.

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Your reaction as Government launches public consultation over TV licence fees

In December, Johnson said he was “looking at” abolishing the licence fee.

Here is a selection of your views onthe story from the Lancashire Post’s Facebook page.

"If they get rid of it, they’ll just tax us somewhere else anyway.’"

Martin Phillips

"Just put adverts on the Beeb. Sort all problems out.’"

Moyra Wilson

"It’s worth the fee for 5 Live alone.’"

Carolyn Aikin

"It should be free. We pay for Virgin or Sky, Netflix etc we shouldn’t have to pay for BBC after all they don’t put up to date films on or anything like that.’"

Janet Smithies

"If you watch BBC abroad there’s advertising. Why should we pay for it in the UK?’"

Gill Harwood

"Make the BBC pay to view, and then we can watch them crumble before our eyes. I don’t even watch BBC and I’m expected to pay for a licence.’"

Lee Dunderdale

"People should not be forced to pay a tax just to watch TV.’"

Dylan Drake

"Not paid for a TV licence since 1999.’"

Carl Ainscow

"I applied for my over 75 free licence yesterday. I should get it from March 1 to June 1 when they bring in new rules. I won’t then be eligible as I’m not on Pension Credit. Paid every year since I was 21 so was determined to get at least a few months free!’"

Donna Jones

"Should have the choice of opting to watch BBC and pay.’"

Jennifer Hargreaves

"Try watching Australian commercial TV where there is no licence fee and then tell me you’d rather not pay the TV licence. The TV in Australia is appalling but then again we don’t watch much as there are much better things to do here.’"

Robert Eaves

"Times have changed, BBC. I pay licence fee but don’t actually watch you anymore.’"

John Paul Fitzpatrick

Nobody should be paying for a TV licence. If the BBC is so great people would subscribe or watch adverts.’"

Ian McElwee

"How much do you pay for Sky per year - £3OO to £900 per year. The BBC is excellent value for the money.’"

David McAllister

"Don’t have a TV... more to life than watching TV.’ "

Robert Brewer