Police warning for Preston cone squad after parking dispute

Residents Les Hutton and Carol Sturzaker in Moorfields Avenue
Residents Les Hutton and Carol Sturzaker in Moorfields Avenue
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Residents who formed a cone squad to prevent commuters parking in their quiet suburban street have landed themselves in hot water with the police.

The householders in Moorfields Avenue, Fulwood have been told they are the ones causing an obstruction - not the drivers who clog up the road and even park on pavements.

Police posted letters through their doors warning them that any traffic cones placed on the carriageway would be confiscated.

One resident, Les Hutton, responded by saying: “I’m so annoyed. They allow a car parked on the pavement, but they won’t allow a cone by the side of the road.”

The householders say they were forced into action after the parking problem in their road became intolerable.

While streets closer to the Royal Preston Hospital have restrictions to stop drivers parking all day, Moorfields Avenue does not.

“I’m not saying they are staff at the hospital who park here, but a lot of them have what look like hospital passes around their necks,” said Les.

“As residents we are finding it very difficult because most days we have as many as 24 cars parked along here. At weekends there are none.

“We have asked the council to put two-hour parking bays on here like many of the roads nearer to the hospital, but they have refused. So we started putting cones out about five months ago and that seemed to stop it.

“Now the police say we are the ones obstructing the road and they will seize the cones if we put them out again.”