Police face busy New Year’s Eve

Police: Busy night for police
Police: Busy night for police
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Emergency services across the county faced an “extremely busy” night as revellers saw in the New Year.

But as the number of calls to police soared, there were no 
“majorly serious” incidents around Preston and central 
Lancashire. Police said many of the hundreds of reports received in the first few hours of New Year’s Day involved disturbances, damage, or domestic incidents.

Inspector Graeme Smith, Lancashire Police’s force incident manager, said: “It was what I would class as a typical New Year’s Eve - plenty of public order and domestics, but not a great deal out of the ordinary.”

However, he said police had received hundreds of calls throughout the night, and had logged more than 1,000 by 11am on January 1.

He said: “From midnight to 7am, we were up to 800.

“Normally I would say we get to log 800 on a normal day at about 4 or 5pm, so we have taken that number of calls in the first six or seven hours of the New Year. So it was extremely busy but fortunately with not too much doom and gloom, other than disturbances, a bit of damage, drunken stuff.”

While revellers were enjoying celebrations, emergency services were braced for a hectic night.

Insp Smith said: “On a normal day we are looking at, for a 24-hour period, about 1,500 logs we would record, and we were up to 800 by 7am which is very busy.

“It was an extremely busy night, but fortunately with not too many majorly serious incidents, and none around Preston.”

Fire crews were also prepared for a busy night, although there were no reports of major incidents or fires in central Lancashire.

Fire fighters were called to a crash in Ribbleton, Preston, after a car and a minibus collided.

Emergency services, including police and paramedics as well as fire crews, were called to the scene at Fir Trees Avenue at about 1.45am on New Year’s Day.

Firefighters assisted in making the scene safe after the crash, and paramedics attended to the occupants of the vehicles.

Nobody was trapped, and injuries were described as minor.

There were also traffic problems on the M61 near Chorley after a crash at about 4.20pm on New Year’s Eve, which caused minor injuries. Firefighters helped police in making the scene safe.