PNE top the table...for tea

Up for the cup: LEP reporter Rachel Hurst at Deepdale, which serves the most expensive cup of tea in the league
Up for the cup: LEP reporter Rachel Hurst at Deepdale, which serves the most expensive cup of tea in the league
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How much would you be willing pay for a cuppa?

For many football fans, a pie and a brew at half time is a match-day ritual but for Preston North End fans, the tradition is costing them more at home than away.

PNE boss Graham Westley enjoys a brew.

PNE boss Graham Westley enjoys a brew.

According to a recent survey, Deepdale, the home of Preston North End, has been revealed as also being the home of the most expensive cup of tea in the League One Division.

Topping the scale at £2.10, a warming cup of tea at PNE is a whopping £1.10 dearer than one at fellow League One teams Crawley Town and Stevenage.

The study looked at prices for 166 clubs in 10 divisions across British Football, including the Conference Premier and Women’s Super League, and recorded the prices for the most expensive, and cheapest season tickets and adult matchday tickets as well as the cost of a cup of tea, pie and a programme to calculate the cheapest possible day out a match.

For the Preston club, this price came in at £27.70.

Championship team and PNE rivals, Blackpool, come in cheaper for both their pies and a cup of tea at £2.20 and £1.50 respectively.

While neighbouring Morecambe in League Two charge £2.80 for their award winning pies and £1.60 for a cuppa.

A spokesman for Preston North End said: “wWe are once again surprised that some club’s headline prices appear to be ‘promotional offer prices’, not those charged week in week out.

“As a result of this, the conclusions of this latest survey appear to be distorted and have little meaning.”

They continued; “At Preston North End we compare ourselves against our competition on a regular basis and, as well a pure price-by-price comparison, we also look at quality of facilities that are provided.

“We are happy that on this basis our prices are competitive and fair and of course season ticket holders get even more outstanding value for money.

“Our programme price is comparable with our competitors and this season we believe that we offer one of the best products on the market.

“It is important to us that our catering offer is appetising and good value, although the prices themselves are determined by our external catering partners.”

The study also shows that the average price of the cheapest matchday ticket in English League football has gone from £19.01 to £21.24.

For football bargin hunters, Wigan Athletic is the team to support.

Though the Latics currently reside in the Premier League, their season tickets come in at £255 - a staggering £730 cheaper than Arsenal.

Wigan Athletic are also the only club in their league to offer a meal deal to footballs fans at the DW Stadium, where a pie and a hot drink will cost you £3.90.

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