Plea for help to find creatures after unofficial sanctuary is shut

Simon, right, with his son Jonathan and some of their animals
Simon, right, with his son Jonathan and some of their animals
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More than 20 animals are on the loose after making a run for it following an eviction row.

Five rabbits, five pheasants, four quail, three peacocks, a dog, a cockerel, a hen and three kittens are missing after a couple were booted out of their home after months of wrangles with their landlord.

Simon Hall, 50, and his wife, known as Finn, described their menagerie as an ‘unofficial sanctuary’ which they spent a year attempting to make official – before being served with notice on their rented house at Midgery Lane, Fulwood, Preston.

When the bailiffs called, the couple managed to gather together 49 animals from the house.

But the remaining 22 escaped and the Halls are appealing for help in finding them.

Former police officer Simon said: “They will be absolutely terrified out there alone and this has torn our family apart.

“All my belongings are still in the house but I would leave them all just to see the animals safe.

“I can’t sleep, it’s horrendous and we’re constantly searching for them.”

The pair lived in the house from August 2014, and landlord of the property, who did not want to be named, says Simon and his wife have been given a window to collect their belongings and say they have been “very accommodating”.

He also denied any animals were missing, adding: “They were given a six-month contract in August and we went through the proper eviction process and they were given the correct amount of notice.

“Animal protection agencies picked up any animals we found at the property following the eviction and we are not aware of any missing animals.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “Police attended the eviction in September, which involved several bailiffs, to ensure there were no breaches of the peace.”

One of the peacocks loose is Pepe, who hit the headlines back in June when two well-meaning ‘bird-nappers’ pinched him from his pen and released him on the nearby Preston Golf Course.

A row erupted when the Hall family ‘adopted’ Pepe in late April, after he waltzed over Eastway and into their aviary at their Midgery Lane home of his own free will.

But some members of the community believe the family ‘coaxed’ him over and launched a mission to free the bird.

Simon said: “We took as many of the animals as we could, which were mainly cats, but now we want people to get in contact if they have any of the animals or even if they’ve seen them to let us know they’re alive and well.”

The saved animals are now housed in a farm near Bolton while Simon and Finn live in his mother’s one-bed flat in Bury.

But Simon says he won’t sleep until they’re all found and returned.

He said: “It’s been such a personal thing for me and the stress of it all has meant I’m in and out of the doctors.

“I’m just praying they’re all returned safe.”

l Simon has asked anyone who sees or has found any of the animals to contact him on 07934 036016.