Plans unveiled for new sex shop sign

Proposed sign change design
Proposed sign change design
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A city sex shop is looking to spice things up with a new sign.

The Private Shop in Lancaster Road - close to Preston Town Hall - has applied to the council to make the change.

But councillors fear the proposed shop front should be more “discreet”.

Town Centre councillor Drew Gale said: “I appreciate such shops have a right to be there, but I think they have a responsibility to be as discreet as possible, and that certainly is not discreet. If you took off the image of the man and the woman, I think it would be a bit more amenable.

“I don’t think sex shops should have a high street presence, but until the legislation changes I think we are stuck with it.”

He added: “I don’t think they should have a high street presence, but the legislation is there and while they are there we ask them to be a bit more discreet in their frontage.”

The application will now be debated by the council’s taxi and miscellaneous sub committee. A report to committee members shows the proposed sign change design.

The report said a sex establishment licence had been approved for the premises in 2001, which had been renewed every year since.

It said: “To date there is no history of any problems or complaints associated with this premises and I am satisfied that licence holder has been compliant with conditions attached to the licence.”

It added: “In terms of the conditions of licence the licence holder is required to seek the approval of the council for the exhibition of any display, advertisement, word, letter, model, sign, light, placard, board, notice, device, representation, drawing, writing or any other matter or thing, whether illuminated or not, that would be visible from outside the premises.” A spokesman for the shop declined to comment when contacted by the Lancashire Evening Post.