Plans underway to create mini Guild Wheel for town

Preston'Leyland Road, Talbot Road, Margaret Road and Hawkhurst Road, Lower Penwortham
Preston'Leyland Road, Talbot Road, Margaret Road and Hawkhurst Road, Lower Penwortham
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Plans are being made for a mini version of the Guild Wheel in Penwortham.

Kingsfold Councillor Keith Martin has come up with the idea, which has been included on the Penwortham My Neighbourhood Plan and is being examined by Penwortham Town Council.

The proposed eight-mile route would travel through every ward in the town, linking up existing cycle paths.

Coun Martin said: “The cycle idea was inspired by the Guild Wheel. It is however not just for cycles, runners and walkers will be able to enjoy it.

“We have an idea of a route, it goes all around Penwortham and is about eight miles long using existing paths and rights of way. It’s on the Neighbourhood Development Plan at Penwortham Town Council and this will be the mechanism where we will be able to protect the route and encourage any developers to enhance the route.”

Coun Martin is keen to link the route with the Guild Wheel at Penwortham Bridge, and wants other area forums in South Ribble to look possibilities in their own areas.

He added: “In theory, the route is already in existence, it goes through much of Penwortham’s greener areas and along the Ribble. I hope to put it out for consultation next year, in the mean time, part of it could be done by the developments at Lostock Hall Gas Works site and Vernons.

“As it plans, the route travels from Factory Lane to a footpath near the farm and along up to Skew Bridge on Leyland Road. Unfortunately, you then at the moment have to travel along Leyland Road to Bee Lane, and go down there, the other issue is crossing the A59 near Mill Brook. Both of these areas will see development, so if we are in time, we can get them to look at that for us.”