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Proposals for another development to the north of Preston have been submitted to the city council.

Plans have been lodged by applicant Andrew Bradshaw to build 13 new homes at Lightfoot Lane in Higher Bartle, following the demolition of an existing home.

The houses are all proposed to be detached, set in medium to large gardens, all with four or five bedrooms.

The proposals follow an application from Mr Bradshaw earlier this month to build 14 homes at Maxy House Farm on Sandy Lane, Cottam.

A design and access statement said: “The proposed site is for a very small number of units which, as the previous documents illustrate, will not prejudice the significantly larger proposals approved in outline or pending determination, and would also introduce an element of diversity and choice into a market area that otherwise will be restricted to the major national and regional housing developers.”

But Lea Coun Julie Buttle said: “We’ve got this proposed master plan which goes from two bedroom to four bedroom houses, and there’s an element of affordability and the garden city approach.

“The question is does four to five bedroom exclusive houses fit in with the concept of the master plan?”

She added: “Until the master plan is adopted, it is difficult to assess applications that are coming in on a piecemeal basis because we don’t know how that will fit in to the aspirations of the master plan in terms of services and everything like that.”

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