Petition in baby Anthony’s name signed by thousands

Fighter: Anthony Rushe pictured with his parents, Jenna Bannon and Tony Rushe
Fighter: Anthony Rushe pictured with his parents, Jenna Bannon and Tony Rushe
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The family and friends of a baby battling a rare condition have launched a petition in his name in a bid to help others.

As previously reported by the Evening Post baby Anthony Rushe, who is 11 months old has a rare condition called Krabbe Disorder, which only affects one in 100,000 babies.

The cruel disease means Anthony’s condition has deteriorated rapidly in a few short months.

He is currently in Derian House Children’s Hospice with his parents Tony Rushe and Jenna Bannon by his side.

Family friend Catherine Thompson-Evans has helped the family launch the petition which is calling for the number of diseases screened for during the heel prick test to be raised to bring the UK.

They have been running a social media campaign called AJ’s Dream, urging people to sign the petition - and so far have collected more than 14,000 signatures.

Catherine, 42, from Ashton, said: “Parents are offered the heel prick test for their child and don’t question whether five is a lot to screen for or not.

“I certainly didn’t with my four boys and the responses I’m getting to the petition, through personal messages and comments made as to why people have signed, proves that many others did not realise how far behind the UK were.

“It was through AJ being diagnosed with Krabbes disease and us researching it, that we realised how many diseases /disorders other countries screen for. That’s when we decided to do the petition to raise the amount screened for in the UK to bring us in line with other countries. So it’s only because of AJ that we knew the whole thing had to be tackled.”