Pet-lover has his three-foot hair cut to boost RSPCA coffers

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Mike Fallon’s three-foot long dreadlocks have made him stand out from the crowd for the best part of eight years - but now when he walks down the street nobody recognises him.

That’s because the 31-year-old pet lover from Ashton, Preston, has had his treasured locks lopped off to raise much needed funds for an animal charity.

Mike Fallon from Ashton had his dreadlocks shaved off for charity

Mike Fallon from Ashton had his dreadlocks shaved off for charity

His efforts were in aid of the Preston Branch of the RSPCA and so far the bold move has raised more than £1,000 for the cause.

Mike, who works for Carphone Warehouse and is also in a band called March, said he may need to invest in some hats because it is pretty chilly without his hair, but he is pleased with the final result.

“I must admit, I’m preferring it at the moment,” he said, “Although I’m still doing things out of habit, such as trying to flick hair out the back of my coat before putting it on, or turning my head using momentum from the back of my head.”

Mike is married to Naomi and said this is the first time she has seen him with such little hair.

He had it chopped off at Declan’s Barber Shop in Fylde Road in front of pals to help the charity and had initially hoped for £20 for each of his 39 dreadlocks.

For now he is keeping the pile of hair as a trophy in a bag at home. He added: “People are walking straight past me at the moment, most people aren’t recognising me!

“It really was a tough decision to make to cut them, considering I’d been growing my hair since 2004.

“But after I saw the Facebook page for the Preston RSPCA, I decided it was the right thing to do.

“It still took me two months to commit to it though.”

Mike and his wife Naomi, 29, have one cat which they took in three years ago when a friend was moving abroad.

He said: “We’d have many more, but she’s a bit of a princess, and she’s about 15 now, so is very set in her ways.”

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