A perfect and emotional day

Shane North and Rachel Pearce first met on a night out with friends.

Shane North and Rachel Pearce
Shane North and Rachel Pearce

Love blossomed for the pair through nights out and dining together, but it was when Rachel fell ill that Shane put plans in action for them to spend the rest of their lives together.

Unbeknown to Rachel, a care co-ordinator, who was in hospital to remove a brain tumour, Shane, a scaffolder, had asked her dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Rachel said: “It all happened while I was recovering in hospital. After getting permission from my dad, Shane went ring shopping with his brother and best man, Shaun. We wanted to make that Christmas special with all of us together and all I remember from the proposal was us all gathering in the kitchen on Christmas Day, chatting, drinking and enjoying the day when Shane came in holding a box!

Shane North and Rachel Pearce

“I remember him keeping it very short as he isn’t the best at showing his feelings and he is not the most romantic.

“But I just remember feeling very happy and lucky, not only because I had just got engaged to my best friend but that I had all our family around us to celebrate with us.”

The couple, of Leyland, tied the knot at Bartle Hall and Rachel remembers how she cried all day the day

before, yet on the morning of the wedding, she felt really calm.

Shane North and Rachel Pearce

“When we arrived at Bartle Hall, Lee and Louisa our photographers came and took some photos of us all having our make-up done and relaxing.

“I spent about an hour sat in the private courtyard outside my room with my Mum sipping champagne watching all the guests arriving – I felt quite important. I stayed calm but very giddy all morning whilst we were getting ready until the moment I stood behind the curtain holding my Dad’s hand ready to walk in. I started crying and I don’t think I stopped until the speeches finished. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the whole place when Shane did his speech. Every part of the day was perfect – we had all our family, friends and loved ones together in one room and it was fantastic.”