WATCH: Preston strongman breaks world record for Dinnie Stones lift

A Preston weightlifter has broken his own unusual world record, for lifting two huge slabs of Scottish granite.

By Fatima Aziz
Friday, 24th May 2019, 12:47 pm
Updated Friday, 24th May 2019, 1:47 pm
Mark lifts the stones
Mark lifts the stones

Mark Haydock, 44, had previously set the record in January of 41 seconds for the longest Dinnie stone lift.

The competition held in Potarch, Aberdeen sees hopefuls from across the country compete to lift the combined weight of the 333.49 kg stones (over 52st).

Now, after returning from his latest competition, Mark has broken his own world record with a lift of 47 seconds - and wants to beat it yet again.

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Mark lifts the stones

He said: “I knew then I could beat it and I know now that I can. If you don’t push yourself to do more, you’d lose the drive.”

Mark has been lifting for 23 years and trains in his shed, what he calls his “dedicated man cave.”

During his early teens, Mark found a love for lifting through training alongside other sports like rugby and martial arts.

Through finding a steady training regime that works for him, Mark dedicates his free time to training.

Dinnie stones

He said: “You have to push yourself train. It’s easy to lose motivation when you’ve been working during the day.”

His training regime consists of continuous squats and deadlifts with replica rings and stones.

With support from his wife and two children, Mark regularly travels to participate in multiple competitions.

He suffered a setback with an Achilles injury in 2017 but has battled back to fitness

Mark said: “Once I grab those rings, nobody can stop me lifting.”

The Dinnie stones were originally used at counterweights for scaffolding during the repairing of Potarch bridge in 1830.

In 1870, Donald Dinnie famously carried the stones barehandedly across the 17ft width of Potarch bridge.