Watch out for the Fishergate cones

The Fishergate cones
The Fishergate cones

First it was the Fishergate bollards, now meet the Fishergate cones.

Eight of the highways authority’s finest have joined their concrete cousins on Preston’s premier shopping street to protect pedestrians from taking a tumble.

Paving stones laid as part of the city’s £3.4m shared space scheme just three years ago have become so uneven they have been branded dangerous.

And a county councillor who stumbled upon the cone zone on her way to a meeting has taken to social media to highlight the problem.

“The pavement does look like a trip hazard,” said Coun Julia Berry who represents Chorley South. “But to their credit someone has identified it and done the right thing by putting cones around it.”

Coun Berry (above) posted the photograph of the Fishergate newcomers on Twitter under the headline “March of the traffic cones” and with the hashtag “beafraidveryafraid.”

Later she told the Post: “It was done in a lighthearted way, I’m not having a go at anyone.

“Let’s face it, you do whatever works to get your point across and fortunately social media is a good vehicle for getting things done. With all the banter there is over the Fishergate Bollard and with it being Halloween this week, this was one way of getting it noticed.

“To be fair it is a mess and it looks dangerous. It could be subsidence, or any number of reasons. I’m not pointing the finger, I just thought it needed highlighting.”