Walkers shortage could be Fiddlers Lancashire Crisps gain

With news of a Walkers crisps shortage causing people to panic buy (cue the memes of brand ambassador Gary Lineker crying into an empty packet), Fiddlers Lancashire Crisps owner John Fiddler has urged potato lovers not to worry.

Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 4:55 am
Walkers which are the equivalent of gold dust at the minute.

The news, which Walkers confirmed an IT issue which they are working on, has sent many into panic-buyer mode with others going into profit-mode selling the popular crisps usually priced at around the 60p mark for £8 on eBay.

John joked: "Maybe it's a sneaky marketing ploy. Any advertising is good advertising.

"Maybe Lancashire crisps will see a slight increase now.

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Homegrown Lancashire crisps.

"Don't panic buy Walkers crisps pick up locally grown at just 85p for 40g or £1.90 for 150g."

Fiddler's Farm is renowned for making original Lancashire crisps using potatoes grown on the family farm which are hand cooked in their own kitchens and enhanced with the traditional flavours of Lancashire.

Over five decades of knowledge goes into growing the potatoes - experience handed down through the generations since Robert Fiddler established the farm in 1950.

With a tagline of "By 'eck you'll find 'em tasty" and having won three great taste awards, John added: "I don't want to upset Walkers but our crisps are hand cooked, niche grown and produced locally. They are a posh crisp nicer than Walkers."

Members of the Fiddler clan.

What's his favourite Walkers flavour then? "I've not had a packet of Walkers crisps since I was a lad as I have been reeducated into a more niche harder bite of crisp"

John celebrated his 46th birthday yesterday and what better present than to see off the competition.

Happy birthday John.