Video shows seagull playing 'football' in a car park in Cornwall

This video shows the moment a seagull was caught playing 'football' in a pub car park - with a tennis ball it stole from a nearby dog.

Wednesday, 4th November 2020, 10:04 am

Michael Holt was enjoying a drink with his partner Belinda Lazenby when he noticed the bird acting strangely.

The juvenile seagull has pinched a battered old tennis ball and was using it's beak to nudge it around obstacles in the car park.

Michael said it looked like the bird could be trying out for the local football team in Falmouth, Cornwall.

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Video shows seagull playing 'football' in a car park in Cornwall

He said: "I was out celebrating the birthday of my partner and we were at The Windjammer in Falmouth.

"The seagull was enjoying itself with a ball, it looked like the seagull was trialling for Falmouth Town FC."

Michael, a psychotherapist, filmed the video on Saturday, October 31.